Abyss Wizard
Archetype: old Wizard
Race: human
Fate: at large
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This unnamed Wizard once lived in the Abyss. Ariel found him and challenged him to a duel to learn how to reverse the effects of the Vapors of Life. ("Raiders of the Abyss")

Oddly, the wizard not only knew who she was, but had been watching the events that prompted her to visit him.


Scope of influenceEdit

At some point in the past, this wizard lived in the Abyss. While he was there, he created the Vapors of Life. The other equipment seen in the Abyss such as energy rods, was probably his creation as well.

But, during the episode he was living in a relatively modest dwelling in a forest nearby. The interior of this dwelling was seen only briefly, but it contained a variety of devices of unknown purpose.