Archetype: Evil Wizard Wannabe
Race: Mutated Human
Weapons Used: Death Ship
Powers and Abilities: considerable skill with spellcraft
Fate: at large

Artemus was an evil wizard. In Trial by Terror, Artemus attempted to win the favor of the Council of Wizards by enslaving a human village with the help of Sheriff Korb and Korb's Deputies.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Energy Constructs: His "Green Things" had a mixture of alligator and snake characteristics. These constructs were very strong and could duplicate when cut in half.
  • Teleportation via a cloud of yellow or red smoke.
  • Energy blasts
  • he could open a fissure in the ground with his energy blasts

Artemus was also very durable. He survived the destruction of his death ship even though it was destroyed with him inside it.

He also had considerable technical skill as he was able to build his death ship and the equipment used by his minions himself.


  • batons that could fire stun beams
  • several working cars and motorboats
  • his Death Ship
  • a box that Korb used as a communications device.


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