Battle of the Barbarians
Setting Details
Location: San Francisco, California (Chinatown)
Antagonist(s): Kublai
Allies: ??
Producers: Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Jerry Eisenberg
Director(s): Rudy Larriva
Writers: Buzz Dixon
Mark Evanier
Martin Pasko
Ted Pedersen
Steve Gerber
Christopher Vane
List of Episodes
Season 1, Episode 12
Airdate: 20 December 1980
Previous: Portal Into Time
Next: Den of the Sleeping Demon
The evil wizard Kublai seeks the Golden Scepter of the Yantzee, the only item which can strip him of his magic, and terrorizes the villagers of San Francisco's Chinatown in the process. When Thundarr thwarts his initial attempts, the wizard recruits Zogar, another barbarian to engage him in battle while Kublai tries again to find the scepter.