Racial Traits: Giant Beetle
Typical Weapons: Pincer claws
Racial Powers/Abilities: Natural armor, difficult to damage

Getting its name from the clicking and clacking it makes  with  its  claws  and  mandibles,  the Chatterer  is  a  giant  mutant  beetle  with  an incredibly heavy exoskeleton. They are normally found in caves and other underground caverns, preferring to leap out of the darkness to surprise a victim.

It  is  very  difficult  to  successfully  attack  a Chatterer  as  their natural  armor  is  nearly impenetrable. However, they are very adverse to fire.

Chatterers  have  only  an  insectoid  intelligence and cannot be trained or otherwise tamed. They attack by instinct only. Some wizards have been known to trap a Chatterer, letting it get nice and hungry  before releasing  it  onto  a  foe  to  be dispatched. Chatterers have also wandered into villages, attacking and consuming the weak and the  small  before being  driven  out  by  the villagers. A rampaging Chatterer is a dangerous creature to contend with.

This creature was encountered by Thundarr in Master of the Stolen Sunsword.

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