Circe the Witch
Voiced by Janet Waldo
Archetype: Hag/Witch
Race: Human
Weapons Used: None
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft
Fate: Petrified

An old Witch who tried to steal Ariel's youth and power in Island of the Body Snatchers. Circe had been cursed 500 years prior. She would turn to stone if she ever left her island. However, Circe had learned that the curse would only affect her body, if she transferred her mind to another with magic powers she could leave and not be petrified. Her plan failed when Ariel figured out how to undo the body swap before it was too late. Circe turned to stone because she had already left the island when Ariel undid the swap.


  • a petrification spell
  • Scrying via a green orb she carried with her.
  • she also had a body swapping ritual.
  • she summoned the monster Dreadlon to do her bidding.
  • a stun beam
  • telekinesis
  • flame wall creation
  • she could turn people into toad creatures even while observing them with scrying

After transferring to Ariel's body she used:

  • energy blasts
  • a spell that immobilized a victim and made them float helplessly in mid air
  • an energy bridge
  • the ability to reconstruct a delapidated helicopter with magic
  • Animation used on oil drills


  • Dreadlon
  • Several people that she had cursed with her magic. These returned to normal when Circe was petrified.

Quotes Edit

The island. I've left the island. The curse! The curse! THE CURSE!!! (as she turns to stone)

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