The Council of Wizards is an organization mentioned by Artemus in Trial by Terror.

What is it?Edit

Artemus claimed they were watching him to determine if he was worthy of them. This tells us that membership is invitation only.

Who are members?Edit

We don't know. No wizard in the show was ever actually stated to be a member.

What other evidence is there?Edit

Queen Diona claimed that "the male wizards" had laughed at the idea of Striya taking over the world with an army of Amazons. Who were these wizards?

In Fortress of Fear, Ariel claimed that Lord Argoth's Vanow Citadel was "one of the seven citadels of magic". Who owns the other 6? Is this the same group as the Council of Wizards?

In Challenge of the Wizards, Sholow met with Chom, Mazem, and Skorpos prior to the episode to determine the terms of the wager. How? Also, who was going to enforce the terms of the wager? What was stopping them from simply killing Sholow for the helmet?