Fortress of Fear
Setting Details
Location: La Brea Tar Pits,
Los Angeles, California
Antagonist(s): Argoth
Allies: ??
Producers: Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Director(s): Rudy Larriva
John Kimball
Writers: Buzz Dixon
Mark Evanier
Martin Pasko
Ted Pedersen
Jeffrey Scott
Roy Thomas
List of Episodes
Season 2, Episode 15
Airdate: 19 September 1981
Previous: Wizard Wars
Next: Island of the Body Snatchers
When coming to the aid of an escaped slave, Thundarr, Princess Ariel, and Ookla are captured by robots working for the multi-eyed wizard Lord Argoth who wants Ariel as his bride. Argoth captures Ariel and takes her to his fortress Vanow, while hauling Thundarr and Ookla off to be slaves. Needless to say, Thundarr doesn't treat Argoth or his minions kindly, but can he beat a wizard as powerful as Argoth?