Thundarr the Barbarian Wiki
Voiced by Henry Corden
Archetype: Evil Wizard
Race: Human Cyborg
Weapons Used: None
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft; Beam-eyes
Fate: covered in stone

Gemini (aka Janus) is an evil cyborg sorcerer, with a split-personality and two faces on the same head: one who is aggressive and short-tempered; the other calm and diplomatic, but no less evil. To switch from one face to another, his helmet closes over the current face, and his neck rotates (180 °), revealing the other face.

In Secret of the Black Pearl, Gemini's Fortress is located near Manhat. After his defeat while fighting Thundarr, Gemini went into hiding as the wizard "Janus".

In Last Train to Doomsday, Thundarr encountered Janus and after Gemini was revealed to be alive, Thundarr knocked him into the magic pool where his rock soldiers incubated their young. Gemini was apparently turned to stone. But it's hard to say if a wizard is ever truly dead.

Magic Powers[]

  • Teleportation capable of moving himself and half a dozen of his robotic knights at once.
  • A Barrier of blue flame.
  • Laser-like energy beams from his eyes
  • A red beam that can immobilize people.
  • He also created clouds to use as personal transport, and animated the Statue of Liberty to fight Thundarr.


Gemini equipped the Groundlings with motorcycles and beam-clubs and gave them a magic well to communicate with him. Gemini used his magic well to watch nearby events unfolding. He was also able to make the water in the well he gave to the Groundlings move. He also created robotic knights and equipped them with a helicopter and metallic beam weapons similar to the beam-clubs. the helicopter appeared to have an auto-stabilizer. Gemini's citadel had laser-like beam defenses. He kept Ariel caged; inside of which, she could not use her magic.


Since that Jack Kirby was one of the character designers of the show, Gemini's appearance and basic powers are similar to those of Darkseid.