Archetype: Evil Wizard/Warlord
Weapons Used: scepter
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft
Fate: depowered

In The Brotherhood of Night, Infernus was a wizard at war with the werewolf leader Zevon. When Thundarr and his friends interfered they accidentally tipped the balance of power in favor of Zevon and Infernus was turned into a werewolf. They soon realized their mistake and attacked Zevon. After a heated battle, Thundarr destroyed Infernus's scepter thus stripping him of his powers.

Scope of influenceEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Infernus had a volcanic fortress, a personal army, and access to advanced technology. It's possible that his scepter was actually his own creation, but that is unconfirmed.

However, by the end of the episode, his scepter was destroyed and he previously self destructed his fortress to keep the werewolves from getting him.