Lord Argoth
Archetype: Mutated Wizard
Race: Mutant
Fate: possibly dead

A multi-eyed wizard who abducted Ariel to be his bride in Fortress of Fear. The titular fortress of Vanow is Argoth's citadel, a massive walled complex with Argoth's Palace, manufacturing rooms for his robots and flying machines, and quarters where his slaves are housed. Argoth may have died after falling into a tar pit within the Forbidden Jungle. He was last seen turning to mist in an attempt to escape the tar pit.


Argoth is a mutant wizard. His mutation gives him dozens of extra eyes. The magical powers he has been seen using include:

  • turning into a yellow mist then flying away
  • energy blasts fired from his many eyes

Argoth was also extremely durable. He survived having his palace collapse on him.



  • Several reptile people
  • an army of "Metaloid" robots
  • several dozen human slaves
  • the Beast of the Forbidden Jungle