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Mindok the Mind Menace
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer
Archetype: Robot Wizard/Scientist
Race: Mutant Cyborg
Weapons Used: Mechanical body
Powers and Abilities: Magic, mechanical body
Fate: Launched into orbit

Mindok's true form.

Mindok is the primary antagonist of the season 1 episode 3 Mindok the Mind Menace. He was one of the more formidable opponents faced by Thundarr and his allies.


Mindok was alive before the Great Cataclysm, although his original human identity is unknown. While his human body was destroyed in the disaster, he found that his brain had survived and he developed magic powers afterwards. He did seem to indicate that he needed his robot bodies to protect his brain from damage though.

Two thousand years trapped within his own mind had rendered him completely insane and megalomaniacal. Mindok's goal? Well, he described himself as "supreme among wizards" and seemingly wanted to rule the world. He had acquired a small army of minions under the hideous General Zoa, as well as two large war machines - one for air and one for sea - in his goal of domination. Mindok had set up a fortress on an island in the Caribbean surrounded by Fire Whales.

In Mindok the Mind Menace he had his minions under General Zoa scour the ruins of Kennedy Space Center in Florida for several human scientists, still cryogenically frozen from a pre-cataclysm NASA space travel experiment. His goal was to mind-control these scientists and use their expertise in constructing a better mechanical body for himself. Afterwards he planned to conquer the world, beginning with the ruins of the city of Miami where human survivors were beginning to rebuild. Mindok planned to bombard the settlers into total submission from above in a modified shuttle.

Mindok was stopped by Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla when Thundarr damaged his battle wagon, causing it to fly into orbit with him onboard while Thundarr and his crew escaped by cutting a hole in its floor and jumping out into the water below just before it left Earth's atmosphere. Since Mindok could not die, he was doomed to orbit the planet forever, being electrocuted by the ship controls he was embedded in.

Magic Powers[]

  • Agelessness (of his brain)
  • Energy blasts
  • Teleportation: His teleportation could move multiple people at once, but he seemed unable to teleport himself.
  • Imprisonment spheres: These spheres would not only capture people inside them but also shrink them. He did this to Zoa and his crew when they failed to capture the scientists and temporarily imprisoned Thundarr's crew before they used all of their powers to hit the same spot at once, freeing themselves from the sphere and the scientists from Mindok's hypnotic power.
  • Mind Control, Mindok used a hypnotic power to force the human scientists to build the new body for him.
  • Both of his robot bodies each had the ability to float in the air.
  • Scrying He had the ability to view nearby events using the visor in his body's head.
  • He could power machines with his mental energies.



  • Mutant thugs, most of which wield a flame cannon weapon, but their leader Zoa has a magic scepter that can immobilize a target.