Voiced by Avery Schreiber
Archetype: Evil Wizard
Race: cyborg human
Weapons Used: fortress
Powers and Abilities: magic, cybernetics
Fate: at large

Octagon was Skullus's opponent in Wizard Wars. Thundarr stormed his fortress and disabled his power converter to stop the fortress's defenses from injuring Skullus's human slaves. Octagon escaped however and hid in the depths of his fortress.


  • Energy Blasts
  • Fire Breath
  • Energy beast summoning. This creature was durable enough that nothing Thundarr and Ariel did to it could harm it. Octagon needed his power converter to keep it in existence though. The beast vanished when the converter was destroyed.

    the energy beast

Scope of influenceEdit

Octagon's Fortress housed the energy converter and used it as a power source. This fortress was well armed and heavily armored. Octagon didn't seem to have much of any sway on things outside this base.

At the end of the episode, Octagon was hiding inside his damaged fortress. It's possible that he was able to repair it after Thundarr left.