Princess Ariel
Arial Casts Spell 2
Voiced by Nellie Bellflower
Archetype: Sorceress
Race: Human
Weapons Used: None
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft, Tornado
Princess Ariel is a companion of Thundarr the Barbarian. Not much was revealed about Ariel's history before she met Thundarr except that she was the step daughter of an evil wizard named Sabian and that she learned knowledge of magic and the Earth's history from his library. She often remarks about the history of the places and things they encounter, but Thundarr and Ookla usually do not pay attention unless they depend on her knowledge to deal with the immediate problem, or they directly ask her about something. Thundarr, for his part, is aware of his lack of knowledge, and depends on Ariel as the brains of the trio.

Ariel has an obvious crush on Thundarr, and sometimes is annoyed that it is not reciprocated. However, it is evident Thundarr values Ariel as a friend just as much as he does Ookla, and will go to great lengths to protect her and act upon her recommendations to deal with adversaries.

Ariel's ethnicity is not mentioned, but strongly suggested to be Asian, as established in the episode "Battle of the Barbarians," which has the trio riding through an ancient Chinatown, and Ariel mentioning that her own ancestors may once have lived in such a community.

It's never mentioned what qualifies her as a princess. But even the Abyss Wizard called her by that title.


Ariel is a slender young woman with dark skin, dark eyes, and raven hair. She dresses in a blue one-piece bathing suit, with a golden belt and gold broaches at the hip. She also has a golden tiara (hidden under hair) with yellow teardrop gem, golden armbands, and yellow high-heeled boots.

Magic powersEdit

Ariel is actually a rather powerful magic user. Some of the evil wizards that were encountered were beaten by her in duels, such as Abyss Wizard and Striya.

  • Energy Blast - She often shoots stunning bolts from her hands.
  • Energy Spheres - She uses these as projectile attacks and as a means of short-range transportation
  • Disintegration blasts - she has several times used magic power to incinerate objects, usually enemy weapons or Death Flowers.
  • Animation - She has animated a stone gargoyle to do her will. She can also re-animate ancient machinery.
  • Barrier - She can form it into a bridge that horses could ride over.
  • Teleportation - She is capable of moving herself by surrounded herself in golden sparkles. This may have the limitation of only working on one person at a time.
  • Scrying - she can enchant a puddle or other reflective object and use it to view other locations.
  • Levitation - She can cause objects or people to float through the air, and move them to her will, as seen in Harvest Of Doom.
  • Hypnosis - She can hypnotize people and force them to reveal their secrets, as seen in Attack Of The Amazon Women.
  • Sleep - She can render a person unconscious, as seen in Harvest Of Doom.


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