Thundarr the Barbarian Wiki
Archetype: Evil Wizard/Hobbyist
Weapons Used: Gauntlet of Power
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft
Fate: imprisoned?

Another evil Wizard, but with a working scale model city - with real miniaturized people!

In City of Evil, Sarott made a deal with Voltak, the leader of the City of Thieves. In exchange for their loyalty, Sarott would help the inhabitants of the city escape the containment field that was keeping their city miniaturized. This was ultimately successful, but when the Gauntlet of Power was destroyed, the city was left a ruin and it's inhabitants now lacked the ability to carry out the war of conquest they had promised to Sarott.

It's not clear what happens to Sarott himself. When last seen he is being carried by Ookla, but other than Thundarr mentioning that he will be "punished", nothing is said of his fate.


Like most wizards Sarott had energy blasts at his disposal.

Another ability he was seen using was when he turned Gorn into a monster. This was accomplished by casting a spell on the Gauntlet of Power while Gorn wore it.

Scope of influence[]

At the beginning he had a few robots as henchmen and some sort of carts made out of junk cars and pulled by mutant animals.

He later bargained for the loyalty of the City of Thieves, though their city was demolished in an explosion caused by Thundarr.


one of Sarott's minions