Archetype: Evil Wizard
Weapons Used: Helmet of Power
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft
Fate: sealed in a slot machine?

Sholow was the main driving force behind the events of Challenge of the Wizards. Sholow had made a wager with the wizards Chom, Mazem, and Skorpos in which the winner received the Helmet of Power. Sholow forced Thundarr and his friends to fight for him in the challenge. However, he turned on them as soon as he had the helmet and tried to kill them. After a pitched battle the helmet was damaged and Sholow unwisely tried to use it anyway. He disappeared in a burst of magic and was subsequently sealed inside of a slot machine, where he remains to this day--imprisoned forever.


  • a citadel that was constructed from a dilapidated casino.
  • swarms of small combat drones

Sholow's citadel