Skullus the Wizard 3
Voiced by Henry Corden
Archetype: Head-in-a-jar Wizard/Scientist
Race: Cyborg
Weapons Used: two War Machines
Powers and Abilities: Spellcraft
Fate: exploded
Skullus is an evil wizard and scientist, who is a large head, held in a glass jar. He has a large army, and two powerful War Machines. The episode name Wizard Wars is a description of the battles Skullus was fighting with the wizard Octagon. Skullus used his powers to mind control a village of humans that attacked Octagon's Fortress.

Skullus exploded after Thundarr reflected one of his mind control beams back at him.


  • Mind Control rays - Skullus could fire beams from his eyes that would make their target Skullus's slave.
  • Disintegration rays - He could disintegrate small buildings to make it easier to capture their occupants.
  • energy blasts
  • Energy Construct creation - Skullus had an army of "Battledroids" that were in fact walking projections of energy.

Scope of influenceEdit

Skullus seemed to lack a permanent base of operation, although his Desert People lived in the ruins of St. Louis. Instead Skullus apparently lived on board his war machines.



  • An army of his battledroids
  • A small tribe of diminutive Desert people.
  • A small army of enslaved humans
Skullus the Wizard 2

Skullus has no body, and must be carried. But not by Battledroids.

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