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Queen Striya
Stryia 1.jpg
Voiced by Julie McWhirter
Archetype: Evil Schemer/witch
Race: Amazon
Weapons Used: None
Powers and Abilities: Aquatic/Magic
Fate: Banished

Striya is an Amazon wizard who usurped the throne of the amphibious tribe of Amazons, from its rightful ruler, Queen Diona . Like the other Amazons, she can breathe both air on land and underwater. However unlike them, she has shark-like features, identified by her grayish skin and pointed teeth. Striya sought to conquer the surface world, using the Amazons loyal to her as her army, but she was eventually defeated and banished to parts unknown by Ariel, who turned Striya's own magic against her during a battle between the two of them.


Striya is a wizard approximately as powerful as Ariel. Her demonstrated powers included:

As an Amazon, Striya also had the ability to breath underwater.

Striya and a Loyalist


  • Amazon Loyalists.