Thundarr wielding the fabulous Sunsword.

The Sunsword is a magical weapon used by Thundarr. It was created by an unknown wizard and was given to Thundarr by Princess Ariel. The blade of the sword is made of pure energy and can cut through most materials (notable exceptions bronze and Swamp Beast's shoulder) with ease. It can also deflect energy blasts, both technological and magical, ignite flora, and can disrupt magical spells. The Sunsword's blade can also be ignited and summarily extinguished by the wielder's mental commands. Thundarr keeps the Sunsword's hilt affixed to his left wristband. The only known weakness is Negative Lightning. If the hilt gets zapped with Nega-Lightning it drains the power of the Sunsword. The sword needs to be recharged at a "Pool of Power" and whomever does the charging commands the sword.

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