The Stalker from The Stars
Archetype: evil alien
Race: Alien Life Form
Weapons Used: a spaceship
Powers and Abilities:
Fate: launched into space
The Stalker from The Stars is a vampiric alien entity from an unknown planet who came to Earth in search of new prey to devour. The Stalker's ship landed near the ruins of an amusement park in Alaska where a tribe of Eskimo villagers were living. It slowly began abducting the villagers and took them back to its spaceship after entrapping them in cocoons and storing them away to be fed on later. Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla were taking refuge in the village after meeting Mina, one of its residents, and the Village Elder when the Stalker attacked, kidnapping the Elder in the process. The group pursued the Stalker into the amusement park, where it fought them to a standstill and abducted Mina before fleeing after Ookla (who had caught a cold during their travels through the territory) sneezed on it. The Stalker then captured all the villagers and Ariel and fled back to its ship. Ariel managed to escape just as Thundarr and Ookla arrived to rescue her. The Stalker attemped to escape in its ship, but its power steadily weakened during its battle with Thundarr, who shorted the circuits on the ship's controls and finally managed to trap it in the remains of an old phone booth, where Ariel determined the Stalker's waning power was due to its catching Ookla's cold. After freeing Mina, the Elder and all the other villagers, Thundarr placed the imprisoned Stalker back into its ship and Ariel used her magic to send it back into space.

powers and abilitiesEdit

  • superhuman strength
  • can burrow through wood, snow and stone with great speed
  • produces webbing from its claws that even the Sun Sword couldn't cut through
  • purple energy blasts projected from its eyestalks
  • a form of Animation used on mechanical devices.