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Viewing screens are a common device in Wizard lairs. But there are a wide variety of types of screens seen in the series, some seem to be technology based, while others appear to be magical, and some are uncertain.



An example of a technological screen is the one from Sholow's palace. This one was interesting in that it resembled a giant flat screen TV and it even had a remote control to change what it displayed. Also this screen seemed to work for whoever held the remote, such as when Mazem used the remote to prove a point to one of the other wizards. This viewscreen seemed to be displaying images gathered by Sholow's flying drones. The remote seemed to be used to choose which drone's image to display.

Octagon and Skullus also had giant tvs in their headquarters.

A different example of a technology based version was used by Artemus. He had constructed metallic boxes that could be used to transmit pictures over long distances. These boxes were pocket sized and showed 3d holograms of what they displayed.


Viewing things at other locations with magic is often referred to as scrying. Sometimes this is done via enchanted objects and sometimes with magic spells alone.


Magic well in use

Magic wells are a device used by the Wizard Gemini. Gemini had one in his fortress and also placed one in the Lair of the Groundlings. Gemini made the water in the well change to display images of nearby places at will. When the Groundlings wanted to use one they had to ask Gemini to turn it on.


Ariel watches Sarott

In City of Evil, Princess Ariel used a version where she temporarily enchanted a puddle and used it to track the wizard Sarott.

Other examples are:

  • Vashtarr's Gem of Glory, which he could command to show virtually anything he wanted, even images of the past.
  • Mindok had another interesting variant where he used the faceplate of his mechanical body to display images.
  • Argoth's red gem and Circe's green orb are more examples of objects a wizard carried with them to view events.