Zogar 1
Archetype: Barbarian; Mercenary
Race: Human Cyborg
Weapons Used: Claw-hand and Power Trident
Powers and Abilities: None

Zongar is a ruthless mercenary and bounty-hunter. It is said that he has never failed in any job given to him. Such is his reputation that, in Battle of the Barbarians, the Wizard Kublai sought him out for his skills in dealing with "nuisances." Zogar managed to capture Ariel in his initial encounter and later used her as bait to ambush Thundarr. When Thundarr defeated him anyway, Kublai decided to give him one more chance to defeat Thundarr and gave him the Power Trident. However, after a pitched battle, Thundarr destroyed the trident and re-defeated Zogar.


  • a large mutant dog with tusks.
  • Power Trident
    Zogar's Trident 1

    Zogar and his power trident.

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